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L.P.G. & C.N.G. Reducer
Reducer/ Vaporizer is a device which reduces the high pressure fuel at a level appropriate for delivery to the gas-air mixer. Reducer also supplies the required amount of fuel depending on the engine requirement
Change over switch  
This Device allows the user to switch the fuel supply from petrol to gas and vice versa. Change over Switch facilities to view the operating status and gas level in the tank.
C.N.G. L.P.G. & Petrol Solenoid Valve    
This Electromagnetic Device interrupts the flow of fuel when the engine is stopped or allows the flow of gas during gas mode and petrol during petrol mode.
Injector Emulator    
This control unit is used in the MPFI cars to prevent the petrol injection system from working while the engine is running in gas mode.
L.P.G. & C.N.G. Refilling Valve    
This is used for refilling gas in to the cylinder at fitting stations. It has a non return valve to avoid reversing of fuel during filling.
L.P.G. & C.N.G. Cylinder Valves    
L.P.G. & C.N.G. cylinder valves fitted on the cylinders to enable refilling and withdrawal of fuel from the cylinder.
Fast Sequential gas Injection System
L.P.G. & C.N.G. Level Sensor    
L.P.G. & C.N.G. level sensor indicates the quality of fuel available in cylinder. This sensor provides signal to the change over switch for LED indication.
Timing Advance Processor    
Timing advance processor is an electronic device which is capable of modifying the ignition time to adapt it to alternative fuels like L.P.G. & C.N.G. has a slower combustion time in comparison with petrol, therefore it is necessary for the spark to ignite in advance in comparison to the original ignition timing. The advantages of timing advance processor are to have better to performance while acceleration, Low fuel consumption, avoiding danger of backfire. The spark advance is only modified when the car runs in L.P.G. or C.N.G. and the original timing is reset electronically during petrol.
L.P.G. & C.N.G. Tank  
C.N.G. & L.P.G. cylinder are manufactured from special steel their compact size allows them to easily fit even in small car. C.N.G. & L.P.G. cylinder are designed and built in such a way so as withstand high pressure. It is tested before use, in accordance with international specifications of standard.
L.C.S. Device    
To meet stringent environmental norms L.C.S. are installed in fuel injection cars also equipped with Catalytic converters. L.C.S. is a close loop system which controls the flow of CNG automatically to the engine without manual adjustments. Depending on the vehicle paraments (TPS, OXYGEN SENSOR and RPM), the supply of fuel to the engine is controlled by means of air-fuel ratio. CNG kits for Euro-1 & 2 cars which are manufactured in the year 2000 and after must be fitted with L.C.S. to meet quality installations.
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